We carry the Omsois Skincare, Wellness, and Colour lines.
We believe the skin operates at its highest capacity when it is at its healthiest – when it is not inflamed. Our approach to skincare is holistic, which means to keep not just the skin but the entire body healthy. We cause no inflammation in our treatments.
We love that this brand was created to care for your skin, so naturally their supplements and makeup follow that goal first and foremost. Many of us wear makeup every day. Shouldn’t that makeup be benefiting our skin, rather than harming it? We think so! With Osmosis, that’s exactly what’s happening.
Osmosis also provides daily wellness supplements and a skincare line that provides not just your skin, but the whole body with the nutrients it needs to fight free radical damage, process out toxins, replenish growth factors, and reverse the signs of aging.

Interested in starting a treatment program for your skin? Set up a complementary consultation with one of our estheticians! We would love to help you with your skin goals!