Not all lashes are created equal!
Novalash adhesive is a surgical grade adhesive with the lowest reaction rates of any lash adhesive available. It has rubber in the formula so it is matte, flexible, and loves water and oil! For this reason it is proven to last two times longer than its closest competitor.
At Root we only offer volume lashes which give your lashes a fuller look and are much more lightweight and healthy for your natural lashes than classic lashes. The length and volume will depend on your natural lash, but even the most sparse finer lashes are able to achieve beautiful fullness with volume.
We have four levels of artists based on experience lashing. Their times and pricing when booking reflect their skill level.
Beginner – This artist is just beginning their lashing career, lashes will be thinner closer to a classic lash style, and the length of the appointment is longer.
Lead – This artist is newer, lashes will be as dense, and length of appointment is longer.
Senior – This artist is very experienced but will require longer appointment times.
Master – This artist is very experienced and has shorter appointment times.
Before setting an appointment for eyelash extensions, please read the information below to see if eyelash extensions are right for you.
Things to consider:
1. The first appointment for your full set will take 100 to 120 minutes. You will have to lie still with your eyes closed during that time.
2. Although the extensions are permanent, you will require a fill within 30 days. This is the length of your lash cycle. The extensions will fall out when the natural lash hair they are attached to is naturally shed. Most people loose 3-5 lashes per day. You will still have many lashes extensions intact, however, this appointment will be to attach lash extensions to the new growth of lashes coming in. The fills will take 45-60 minutes.
3. There will be implements near your eyes. At the end of the service we will detach any bottom lashes from the top if any became attached.
4. If your eyes water excessively or you cannot stop blinking, the technician may not be able to perform the service or your retention may suffer resulting in a sooner fill.
5. If you wear contact lenses, you will have to take them out for the service.
6. You cannot excessively pull or twist your lash extensions.
7. After care is crucial to keep your lashes beautiful and lasting. Lash care items are available for purchase as needed.
  • Novalash is made with a rubber agent that allows them to stay flexible and soft. This agent will dry out if no oils are used resulting in a sooner fill appointment.
  • Your lashes are there to protect your eyes from pollen, dust, etc in the air. They need to be properly washed in order to remove these substances from your lash extensions and natural lash line so you do not become irritated or itchy from lack of personal care in that area. A eye shadow blender brush is great for this.
  • Do not use any products containing glycols on your extensions. They will slowly break down the adhesive over time resulting in a sooner fill appointment.