Brow Henna


Considering Brow Henna? We’re answering all your questions here!  48+ hours before your appointment!   We value safety to mold an excellent experience! A patch test is required at least 48 hours before your first brow henna appointment. This can be done at the front desk and will only take 15 minutes. Although rare, this [...]

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All You Need to Know About Lashes at Root Salon & Spa


At Root Salon & Spa we've developed a system for lash extensions that we believe is the best for our guests as well as our lash artists! It is certainly not the same everywhere, so many of the articles available online will not actually pertain to lashes from us. In this post, we are breaking [...]

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TREAT YO’ SELF: Hair Treatments to Elevate Your Results


We offer a wide range of treatments for your hair. At Root Salon & Spa we believe in taking care of you and providing the best service possible. We pride ourselves in always taking care of the long term health of our guests' hair and giving them results that work for their daily lifestyle. For [...]

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The Osmosis Difference 


With so many pills and potions on the market, it’s difficult to distinguish what’s most beneficial for your skin. Influencers share their routines claiming “nothing else has worked for me.” Then we find ourselves adding their recommendations to our carts. At best, the products do work; “magically” erasing blemishes, but what inevitably happens when we [...]

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Healthy Lash Extensions


At Root, we focus on healthy, full, and realistic looking lash extensions. Many of our clients have had their lashes for 6+ years and their natural lashes are as healthy as they were when they first began! Each individual natural lash is only extended with a fan that it can easily support. We mix lengths, [...]

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Must have manicure: Flex Gel Manicure


•Flex Gel Manicure• This is the must have manicure! + lasts longer than traditional gel + chemical and water free for healthy nails & skin + grow your natural nails long and strong! This manicure is a dry manicure. Absolutely  no water or soaking in chemicals for removal or prep work. This process keeps your [...]

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