At Root Salon & Spa we’ve developed a system for lash extensions that we believe is the best for our guests as well as our lash artists! It is certainly not the same everywhere, so many of the articles available online will not actually pertain to lashes from us. In this post, we are breaking down all you need to know about our products and how to care for your lashes, how to schedule, our lash artist levels, and what to expect!

Our Product

What we use matters. We only use NovaLash adhesives. We have chosen to use NovaLash because we love the longevity, how soft the bond is, and their safety.

With NovaLash adhesive, you can get your lashes wet right away! The adhesive has similar makeup to rubber so it is actually water proof and oil resistant. This adhesive actually wants to stay moisturized! Picture a rubber gasket that has dried out and becomes crumbly. Our adhesive is the same. So wash your lashes & keep them moisturized! We have a foaming wash as well as a moisturizing oil available for purchase to help with this. We also carry the NovaLash cleansing (moisturizing) pads, eyeliner, mascara, and Lash Doctor. To care for lashes you do not need to have the NovaLash retail items, many are just nice if you’re stretching your fill or have very light blonde lashes growing in. You do need to avoid glycols. These are bonding agents and found in most products, but there should not be a need for any product to touch your lashes so this is easy to avoid.

NovaLash is made in the United States and does not contain high levels of formaldehyde like many other brands. Reaction rate is the lowest of the industry. This is very important for not just our guests, but our lash artists who are exposed to it daily. We truly believe this adhesive is the absolute best on the market.

The next and equally important product we use are our lashes from SoCo Lashes. We have chosen this brand after a lot of research and trials. These lashes have a beautiful finish, are soft, hold their curl, and are consistent. One thing we fell in love with was their eco-conscious efforts. From shipping to lash cases they make the effort to be friendly to our planet. Our lashes are lightweight and the heaviest part of the extension is actually the adhesive! We only offer volume lashes because we believe these are the safest as well as the most customizable.

How to Schedule

With us, you’ll notice that we book by weeks. Why do we book this way? We have determined this is the best way to guarantee you enough time for your appointment as well as gauge how well you’re retaining your lashes. Different artist require different amounts of times, so when you book a two week fill with one artist you will receive an appointment that matches their time need for an average two week fill. This amount of time will differ between artists. Regardless, when we see a two week fill we will know whether than guest has a typical two week fill or if there may be an issue with their home care. If we believe they should have more lashes than they do, we can begin to work to find where the problem may be and offer a solution!

Most of our guests come every 2 – 3 weeks. One week fills are available mostly for special occasions that fall out of their normal lash schedule. Four week fills are rare, but we have some guests who lashes grow slower and come back with beautiful lashes at four weeks! If it has been more than four weeks, we have an additional charge or if no lashes remain you will need to purchase a full set again.

How do I know when I should be returning? This is personal preference. You must still have lashes. Most people prefer to come when lash shed is at about 50%, others wait longer until the lashes are more sparse. If you like them to always look beautiful and not sparse, we recommend every two weeks. We are happy to fill lashes from another artist. We charge for the number of weeks since your last fill. We will find a mapping style to transition your current lashes to our lashes. We only offer volume, but volume can mean many styles and thicknesses and does not limit our stylings but rather makes them relatively limitless. As the previous work sheds, we will continue to transition you to ours.

Lash Artist Levels

We have four levels of artists; Beginner, Lead, Senior, & Master. As the artist progresses, their pricing increases and their time decreases. To see detailed pricing, check out our scheduling page. Our artists and their levels are all shown on our team members page.

Beginner Artist – this is an artist that has practiced for many months and is skilled at applying healthy lashes. Their appointments take longer and will not be as full or as styled.

Lead Lash Artist – this artist has shortened their lashing time to a traditional timing but their lashes still will be less full and styled.

Senior Lash Artist – this artist has traditional appointment times and can provide very full lashes with styled mapping.

Master Lash Artist – this artist has shorter appointment times and can provide very full lashes with styled mapping.

What to Expect

• Your eyes are closed during your appointment and many guests actually nap!
• We hand make each fan for each individual lash!
• Each lash hair is far more fine and lightweight than your natural lashes. We take 3-15 of those and fan them out with a small point at the bottom.
• We attach that small point to your natural lash and wrap it around the base!
• How many, the length, and which lashes are all chosen based on your individual natural lash health and end goal.
• We practice safe lashing! If we do not think your natural lashes can support a look long term, we will not do that look but modify it as best as we can to keep long term lash health a priority.
• Most lose an average of 4 natural lashes daily.
• Most guests receive a fill every 2-3 weeks. Some can go 4 weeks.
• During a fill, we remove outgrown lashes and fill in new growth! Because lashes are constantly growing out and new coming in, there is no need to take a break from lashes.
• Lashes need to be cleaned and we do not ask you to avoid water. We do ask you to avoid glycols and picking or rubbing your lashes.

We believe in holistic care. That means that we provide excellent consultations to make sure your lashes match your lifestyle, that the mapping we use will not damage your lashes even after years of wearing, and that we care about your lash and eye health. We will let you know if something in your home care needs addressed and we will say no to a style if we do not think your natural lashes can support that style. We will work with you to find something you love and is sustainable for life long healthy lashes. You are already beautiful, and we are excited to accentuate that beauty and make your daily routine a breeze with lash extensions!