With so many pills and potions on the market, it’s difficult to distinguish what’s most beneficial for your skin. Influencers share their routines claiming “nothing else has worked for me.” Then we find ourselves adding their recommendations to our carts. At best, the products do work; “magically” erasing blemishes, but what inevitably happens when we skip a day? The blemishes return. We’ve been in this cycle, spending too much on products that are only “treating” superficial lesions. 


Whole Body Healing. 

The Osmosis difference focuses on whole body healing. We delve deep into internal health to determine why blemishes or other skin concerns show. Let’s say a client has acne on their forehead and upper cheeks. By asking questions we learn our client loves dairy and fried foods. We conclude these blemishes are caused by an overgrowth of Candida in the digestive tract. 


Our recommendations would include Rescue, for topical and Skin Perfection for internal. Rescue is a serum that accelerates the detox process. Skin Perfection is an elixir that is clinically proven to shrink Candida and clear acne. 


Influencer-recommended products cannot compete with Osmosis, because they simply do not analyze and treat the body as a whole. Osmosis not only promotes healthy skin, but inspires permanent results.

Inflammation Free. 

Osmosis offers a revolutionary approach to skincare. Their unique philosophy focuses on holistically healing, not harming. Instead of using harsh acids, Osmosis features ingredients essential to activate repair. In-spa treatments are relaxing and pain-free. Dr. Ben Johnson, the founder of Osmosis, has found healthy alternatives to popular skin treatments. 


Microneedling is a rising trend, where small needles prick the skin. The hope is that this will promote new collagen growth. Arguably, the pain and downtime doesn’t make it worth it. We use the RevitaPen to offer that collagen production without the inflammation. The RevitaPen creates nano-channels for products to penetrate deeper. Our clients love a quick, “lunchtime facial” with the RevitaPen and to return to work without the red face that you get with microneedling. 


Say No to Toxins!

Additionally, Osmosis products are formulated with safe ingredients. It’s been 80 years since Congress last voted to regulate cosmetics. Many brands add potential carcinogens, toxins, and fillers. We believe your skin can not reach optimal health with these. Almost all of our products are safe for children, pregnant women and oncology patients. 


Parabens, a common additive, are cheap preservatives used to maintain shelf life. These come with a host of problems. Studies show parabens are absorbed quickly through the skin and into the bloodstream. They mimic estrogen in the body and disrupt hormonal balance. New research shows there may be a link between paraben exposure and breast cancer. When it comes to our clients and loved ones, we don’t want to risk it, so we say no to parabens and all potentially dangerous ingredients. 


Our Commitment to You. 

Our top priority at Root is the health and well-being of our clients. We want you to love both your experience with us and lead a healthy life. I can’t wait to get to know more of you and help you with all your skin care needs!