At Root, we focus on healthy, full, and realistic looking lash extensions. Many of our clients have had their lashes for 6+ years and their natural lashes are as healthy as they were when they first began! Each individual natural lash is only extended with a fan that it can easily support. We mix lengths, curls, and thickness in every set and hand make all our fans during application. Not only does our technique keep growing lashes healthy but the texture it creates is what makes our lashes look realistic but with all the drama every good lash set requires!

Each client’s goals are different. Tell us what you love (and what you hate) with lashes and we can tailor our fans to match your desired look! We can do light volume that provides a natural soft look, Kim K wispy lashes, & thick full volume! Our limitations will always be based on what your natural lashes can support and how many natural lashes you have. We will always work to achieve your dream lashes while keeping your natural lashes healthy and thriving!

We also have Lash+Doctor lash serum available to help you grow more and stronger lashes! This serum is truly one of a kind. No hormones or medication means none of the scary side effects that come with other popular serums on the market. Best thing? This serum is made to be used with lash extensions! 

Tell us your lash dreams! We’d love to make them your reality.